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    Our Brand Story

    The ESSENA vision, a boutique luxury Australian fashion label that is empowering, exploring and embracing all that is you.

    The Dream

    Helen, the founder of ESSENA, has been inspiring women all her life with her personal style and customised approach to design. Frustrated at seeing women leave stores deflated and discouraged, settling for clothes that did not fit properly or give them a sense of confidence, Helen birthed the DREAM that is ESSENA. A fashion brand that delivers personalised, custom designs featuring signature statement pieces. ESSENA understands that one size does not fit all but authentically empowers women to feel unashamedly confident and proud about their inner and outer self when they wear the brand that is ESSENA.

    ESSENA is a high-quality fashion label with a heart for ethical clothing. All garments are designed and made in Australia using only the highest quality sustainable fabrics with a cut that compliments all figures and inspires women of all ages to feel empowered to live their DREAMS.

    The Pockets

    ESSENA started with a DREAM.
    A DREAM of empowering, exploring and embracing the female spirit.
    Every ESSENA garment has been personally designed with pockets to evoke comfort, strength and fearlessness.
    Pockets are a central theme of ESSENA garments and each hold a reminder of the
    power of a DREAM.